Our story is about being able to find new and unique brands which we like. We figured that if we like these brands, you might like them as well! That is why we are glad to share them with you.

With this in mind we will constantly provide you with affordable trendy items from different parts around the globe. Items that aspire to be part of people who want to be trendsetter and who truly carry the same values of the creators of this website.

In recent years, the world has become a smaller place and ordering stuff from different locations around the world has become easier. But still there are a few burdens that we can take away from you! When ordering from BILI you are sure that:

  • You are ordering from a reliable Belgian partner
  • You do not overpay for shipping costs, or have to pay additional duties on your order
  • You can enjoy a good return policy
  • You have a 100% secure checkout
  • You are always getting the newest, trendiest stuff around!

Because I Like it…You will like it too!